An effective tool to aid in dividing the truth from a lie

To someone concerned about practical wisdom, there are many lessons to be learned from the story of Eve and the serpent. You don’t have to believe the Bible is true to acknowledge the practical lessons in the story. You need only be objective in your judgement. And all people are capable of objectivity.

     I don’t think anyone will disagree when I say that making the right choice and actually following through with it is usually more difficult than making the wrong one. We all know that the lawful earning of money is the right thing and stealing the money you want is the wrong thing. Likewise, consistently treating others with fairness and respect is often harder than making a choice where you aren’t required to compromise any desire of your own.

     There is such a thing as absolute truth. It is everywhere, all at once and is normally in plain view for all to see. It is absolutely true that regardless of any circumstance, if you wrongfully take the life of another human being, you are guilty of murder. If you wrongfully take another persons property for yourself you are guilty of theft. There are many more.

     I believe our culture is in agreement about the definitions of things like murder and theft. The problem is that our culture has forgotten that absolute truth reigns supreme regardless of circumstance. Truth is true, whether it is acknowledged or not. Too many people in our once mostly wholesome culture no longer understand the terms of what makes something good or evil. Murder and theft, in their many forms, can become lawful if a legal team can convince enough people that there was a justified reason for a perpetrator to commit a crime. Those with the power to decide lose their focus on truth or even ignore it. And what was once a crime for all people has now become lawful to a certain person, but not others. This is not the sense of justice that makes a people great, or a society fair and equal. It is subjectivity that erodes an advanced people and culture into an animal-like state.

     Absolute truth to an animal is survival of the fittest. It is base, it is brutal and it is devoid of elevated concepts like integrity, fairness or reason. It is simply the way it is and there is nothing more to it. But man is capable of much higher levels of thinking. If we as men are to actually occupy these higher levels of thought, we must at least acknowledge our own absolute truths as well as the animals acknowledge theirs.

     In the story of Eve and the serpent, there is an absolute truth for those who want to know more. It is for those who commit themselves to finding more in an already interesting story. Not spoken of, but nestled comfortably underneath the circumstances of the story is a valuable pearl that is easily missed. A 6000 year old story, as relevant today as it ever was, the word of God is alive and powerful, sharper than any blade, able to divide the soul and spirit. It is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of mans heart.

     The truth I speak of is that for evil to succeed in its goal, it only needs to create a little doubt about what good is. Evil does not have to prove itself as good does. This is one reason why evil is often the easier choice. There are MANY ways to create doubt about what the right choice is. Adam and Eve had been given only one rule by their creator. “Do not eat this”. That’s it. No other rules. They were given one reason. “You will die”. No other explanation.

     A perfect thing had been created, and the forces of evil wanted to destroy the perfection of this thing. It is my personal belief that God placed the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden for one reason only. God did not want man to be a slave without a choice to serve something other than him. He wanted man to FREELY CHOOSE to serve him. He had to give man an opportunity to choose to disobey in order to make it true that man was not simply a slave, or an animal without higher understanding. God created man to be more than a slave or an animal.

     The forces of evil exploited this. Evil was able to create just a twinge of doubt about Gods command not to eat the fruit. The possessed serpent said “Surely you won’t actually die if you eat the fruit. God isn’t being completely truthful to you in this matter. He knows that if you eat the fruit, that you will become like him. And you will know good, as well as evil”. It was partially true what the serpent said. Man would come to know good and evil, but the details had been twisted to create a viewpoint that was incomplete. By commanding man to not eat the fruit, God was actually protecting man from the curses of evil which would come if man could no longer fellowship with God as he had done before. It was true that man did not know evil up to this point. He was innocent. But the serpent said nothing about what the consequences of evil actually were. The serpent knew, but withheld information about what God actually meant when he said “You will die”. The forces of evil were able to create enough doubt about what the right choice was to cause man to make the wrong choice. And God himself, through his own integrity and because he isn’t a liar, was forced to PROVE what he told man. Satan didn’t have to prove anything to succeed. Man quickly learned that what God meant by death was not that his physical body would die immediately, but that man would die spiritually and would fall out of fellowship with God because of his association with evil. Satan was nowhere to be seen and was unaccountable to man for his trickery.

     This pearl is as relevant today as it was then. Evil only needs to create doubt to succeed. Good has to prove itself to succeed. The lesson gives us a powerful tool of discernment for a complicated situation. Knowing this assists us in analyzing the motives and actions of evil people, and helps us to rightly divide the word of truth from a lie.

     I turn now to the matter of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. I tell you the truth, that the very thing that happened in the Garden of Eden 6000 years ago is happening again in the U.S. Congress, this very moment. The circumstances are different, but the goal is the same. Evil wants to destroy something good, or prevent something good from happening. The forces of evil are working hard to create doubt about what the right choice is. An objective person doesn’t need to dig deep to know the right choice in this matter. We judge men by their past conduct. Because we are not able to read the mind of any other man or truly know what is in his heart, we must judge other men in this manner. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. And likewise, the body acts. If misconduct is within a mans heart, he will be given to it outwardly. If not already, then in the future. The real truth here is that the forces of evil know this, and are counting on the public to fail to rightly divide the truth from the lies. If the general public had a better understanding of what credibility was, this giant scam may not even exist. The politicians making this happen know there is no credibility and want the public to forget what we have traditionally considered “credible” in our centuries long history.

     The truth is also that the forces of evil hate Kavanaugh because he is a good man. They are compelled by their own hatred of good. He occupies a higher level of thought than they do and they hate him for it. They don’t want him to have the authority to impose upon them what they hate. True, they have a right to think what they want. But they don’t have a right to take the life of another human being (abortion). They don’t have the right to steal a mans labor and give it to another (socialism). They don’t have the right to force others to think like they do (radical feminism, sexual perversion in all its forms, the idea that everyone has their own truth). They don’t have a right to stifle peoples religious beliefs, particularly Christians, which is the only religious group they persecute. They know that Kavanaugh will fight against their agenda to conform the American people to their evil will.

     I offer some advice for anyone having trouble sorting through all the garbage.

1. Remember that the system which reasonable men use has worked well for us. Judge a man by his past conduct. It is a good tool for discerning his inner character. Don’t pay attention to sources that aren’t credible. If a source is credible, listen carefully.

2. Realize that if you or someone else has to bend the truth or create lies, or suddenly feign offense after a long period of silence to get what is wanted from someone else, that choice is probably the wrong choice.

3. Be diligent in searching for the truth. It is very important. Because in the eyes of a liar, one transgression of the truth makes the next transgression easier and more likely. The liar forgets that absolute truth never actually loses its power. But the liar will be reminded when he reaps what he sows.

4. Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean it is right. False witnesses may not be held accountable legally, but that doesn’t mean they are justified in telling lies. 1000 men can vote that one should die, but their voting merely makes it legal amongst themselves, not right.

5. Remember that justice is blind. She should not know the station or identity of the accused. She only needs to know the law. Justice will lose its legitimacy if a popular public figure is not punished for breaking the law in the same way that an ordinary citizen would be. It will also lose legitimacy if an unpopular figure is wrongfully punished.

6. If you know something is true, know also why it is true, and be prepared to prove it. Because good is always required to prove itself. Hold onto it tightly. Don’t let a lie dilute your understanding of the truth. This is not close-mindedness. It’s

called integrity. Be open-minded, but not impressionable. No one is going to convince you that a blue sky is black, right? So don’t let them convince you that what you know is wrong is right.

Matthew 5:11

Blessed are you when people revile you, persecute you and falsely accuse you because of me. (Jesus’ words)

Psalms 37: 5-7

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn and your vindication shine like the noonday sun. Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.

Isaiah 5:20, 23

Woe unto those that call evil good and good evil, who put darkness in the place of light and light in the place of darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter, who acquit the guilty for a bribe, but deny justice to the innocent.

1SG Clint Gilbert

CMM Desoto County