CMM Handbook

I believe, as members of the family, we need to read the handbook as often as possible. It was not written to sit on a shelf or be hidden in your phone somewhere. It needs to be taken out and read through, if not daily, at least weekly.

Knowledge will make us a better militia. Much like our daily devotionals and Bible reading, it will keep us in line with that for which we stand. If you have questions about procedures, dues or rank, it’s in the handbook. Reading the handbook charges my batteries.

It is amazing what twenty minutes of reading can do.

Article XIV Our Core Values and Article IV Purpose mean so much to me. There are few things in this world that can bring me back in line; but the Bible, our motto, Article XIV and Article IV do every time.

If you need to know it, you’ll find it in the handbook.

~2nd Lieutenant Matthew Lane Griffin Acting Commander of Calhoun County Company

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