A few days ago, I was scanning social media and looking at various posts on random keywords.  A certain post caught my eye.  It was written in a manner that made it appear to be a genuine question to gain perspective rather than incite arguments.  The post was addressed to “pro-gun people” and basically asked for polite responses around what gun control they would be willing to entertain considering recent events.

Since I’m a glutton for punishment I decided to read on and check out some of the responses.  There were the usual guttural grunts of “MAGA” and “MURICA” and so forth.  There were also a lot of equally unintelligible response from obviously anti-gun people.  However, in the middle, there were shining stars of intellect, on both sides.  There was also accuracies and inaccuracies mixed within responses from both sides and all the while the original poster is getting all this feedback and being left to sort out what’s right and what isn’t.  How on earth is someone who doesn’t know, supposed to gain knowledge when people they’re asking can’t even conjugate an intelligent statement.

We see this all the time.  Mainstream media, Hollywood socialites, sports stars, all pick a side of an argument and start repeating whatever they hear, regardless of the reality or authenticity.  Soundbites and totally unrelated images are melded together in a newscast with the sole purpose of ratings.  People use these soundbites, these images, these stories, to form opinions and define their reality.  When all these inputs are misleading, or mix truths, half-truths and flat-out misinformation, is it any wonder there are so many misguided people today?  Sadly, this runs rampant in my own circles.  People are so quick to share a picture, a headline, a meme, with no thought or care of the story behind it.

So why guns?  Are you ever asked why guns?  Do you wonder why guns?  How about, why an AR? Why a silencer?  Why a ghost gun?  If you have questions about guns, don’t ask someone who’s against them.  If you wonder why someone needs a certain type of gun, ask someone who owns one of them.  Don’t stop there, ask a bunch of people that own them.  There are millions of gun owners in this country with hundreds of different types of guns.  Ask them why.  If you feel you’re against guns, I ask you why.  There are legitimate reasons, but ask yourself, “Why am I against guns?”.  But then, you need to be honest with yourself about why you’re against guns.

Are you against them because someone close to you was hurt by someone with a gun?  Are you against them because they’re loud?  Maybe you tried shooting one once and whoever took you was a fool and stuck the wrong gun in your hands as a beginner.  Maybe you listen to the news about how certain things need to be banned or that certain weapons are made only to kill people….  At the end of the day, your opinion is yours.  I would hope your opinion is based on facts and not soundbites.  I would hope you would find an avid gun owner and have a conversation about your views with them and be willing to listen and maybe, just maybe learn something you didn’t know that might change you mind about not only guns but the vast majority of the people who own them.  Maybe you’ll never want to own a gun or maybe you’ll never want to own whatever gun is currently being demonized by the uninformed and that’s ok, but hopefully you’ll learn that what’s going on in this country isn’t a gun problem, it’s not a mental health problem, it’s a societal problem and restricting law abiding citizens will have no effect on the problem.

On the other hand, if as a pro-gun advocate, you are asked why, take the time to have the intelligent conversation.  We need people on our side or at the very least, not against us.  If the best you can do is utter “2A” or “Shall not be infringed”, you’re not helping the pro-gun society. Study the second amendment and what it really means.  It’s not about you are being able to conceal carry, or hunt, or walk through Wal-Mart with an AK slung over your shoulder.  It’s about ensuring the people of this great nation will never again be forced to live under a dictatorship because they don’t have the ability to stand up.  You also need to understand there is an entire generation of people that are being misled about history, the struggles our ancestors went through to make this country what it is.  There are entire generations and demographics that are enamored with the ideal of a life of leisure, where work doesn’t exist, where violence doesn’t exist, where everyone is equal because nobody has anything more than anybody else.  They have bought in to the positives that a One World Order following the Agenda 21 ideologies could provide.  At the same time, they don’t understand the price.

All these concepts are in direct conflict of the conservative, constitutional patriot beliefs.  Our young people are being deprived the education of the past.  History is being erased, re-written and created to fit a new way of thinking.  People believe the rhetoric that guns are the root of all our problems.  They are taught to believe that without guns, the problems will go away.  They are being taught that government is supposed to rule over the people.  They are being taught that the way it should be, is the way it was before we signed our independence.  They are being taught that America is a democracy.  Tens of thousands of students are being taught this every day.

We need to be able to have the intelligent conversation about “Why Guns?”

Cpt. Will Sweatfield

CMM Desoto

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  1. I generally don’t waste my time discussing why guns with anyone who asks, I’ve found they aren’t really interested in carrying on a legitimate discussion. Mostly it’s a waste of time

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