What If?

We like to think we’re ready, that we’re prepared for anything the world can throw at us.  We learn primitive skills, we gather supplies, we learn to do without the most basic conveniences progress has afforded us.  We carry tools with us everywhere we go to survive whatever we think might happen.  We know how to make safe water to drink from most any source.  We know how to make fire and shelter.  We can move a group through the wild and find a specific place using just a map and if we need to, we can protect ourselves from most… or so we think….

No matter how prepared we are.  No matter how heavily armed we may be.  No matter how strong, or vigilant, time and time again we see that people intent on doing harm will do so.
You see it’s not enough to train or prep.  It’s not enough to stock up on food, ammo, weapons and gear.  It’s not enough to have a plan for when SHTF.  Any moment of any day, you can be targeted by someone you may never see.  These attacks come swiftly, from hiding, from behind, and most recently, from high above.
Now whether you believe the official narative about the Vegas massacre or not.  Whether there was a lone shooter or a group.  Whether it was a depressed man gone mad or a government cover-up, it doesn’t really matter.  The scenario shows us just how vulnerable we are to evil.  Evil thrives on chaos.  Chaos is fueled by fear & confusion.  Nearly 600 lives were affected that night and nothing a patriot in the crowd could’ve done would have stopped the shooting.
At nearly every large public gathering, steps are taken to ensure good, law-abiding citizens are disarmed and for what?  For the protection of the people around?  Since when has a law-abiding citizen ever been a risk to the safety of others?
But let’s say, in the case of the Vegas situation, that people were not disarmed.  Would the outcome had been different?  Honestly, no.  The shooter was too far away, concealed in darkness and had an overwhelming advantage of mass hysteria on his side.  So what do you do when you’re truly helpless?  What do you do when nothing you can do can stop the rampage?
Live with your eyes open.  Maintain a constant state of suspicious alertness.  Always search for the answers to “What if?”.  If you’re able, get training, be armed, be ready.  Sit with your back to the wall, eyes on the door.  Plan escape & concealment, know where cover is.  “What if?”  Do you stop the madness?  Do you help the helpless flee?  Do you simply hide then run away when your opportunity presents itself?  “What if?”
Do you stop living?  No.  Stop going to the night spots you grew up in?  Maybe… The world is an ever changing and dangerous place.  It’s alright to avoid dangerous areas.  It’s alright to live a safe life.  You don’t need to go looking for a reason to be in a fight.  You don’t need to go looking for trouble.  Eventually, it will likely find you, one way or another, you’ll find yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in… “What if?”
Driving down the highway, “What if?”, shopping at the mall, “What if?”, walking in the park, “What if?”, praying in a church…….
“What if?”
Cpt. Will Sweatfield
CMM Desoto

2 thoughts on “What If?”

  1. Well written. Too many times we neglect the “what if”. We prepare for things we can handle and possibly control. What do we do when a situation arises where we have no control of the outcome? Something to seriously consider.

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