CMM Support Members Are Vital


What is a CMM Supporter?…. defined by a Support Squad member….


When I became a member of CMM approximately two years ago, I knew I would be unable to participate in the physical aspects of the organization. I was concerned about what the expectations would be for me, personally. The level of Support Squad member was where I was placed due to my physical disabilities. I didn’t want to be in a squad with the expectations of doing absolutely nothing to contribute to the organization (support in contrast to supporter). The meaning of support is “to sustain (a person, the mind, spirits, courage, etc.) under trial or affliction”. I then looked up the meaning of “supporter” to see what it really means and confirmed what I thought. Supporter means, “ someone who ACTIVELY supports a particular idea, group, or person. A person who gives encouragement and approval to someone or something.” I thought about that meaning and realized that even in a “support” level, I am still physically able to encourage, and give spiritual and mental support to the organization. Support is given in many ways. It can be just placing a get well card or sympathy card in the mail to a discouraged or mourning member. It can be by ordering a beautiful flower arrangement for someone who just experienced a death or illness.  It can even be just picking up the phone and calling a discouraged member. It can be just telling someone, “I’m praying for you.”  I always appreciate it when someone takes a minute to just acknowledge I exist in CMM.  It must be very discouraging to be in an organization that is not actively staying in touch with each other. I am happy to know that every step possible is being made to keep us connected to each other from south MS to north MS. We must have interaction to know each other. That’s why I really enjoy social media like Facebook. I know firsthand that it takes individual commitments to just check in every day. I have found that the older I get the shorter the day seems to get. I want to be an asset. I want to be needed. I believe everyone’s inner being has that desire. I remember an episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” where Aunt Bea had gone out of town to take care of a sick family member. While she was gone, Andy and Opie made a mess of the house but cleaned it up before she headed home. However, they came to realize that she would think she “wasn’t needed” if the house was clean when she got back so they messed it up again. Now-a-days, that is a far reaching example, but the point is we all want to be needed. We all want to be included. Being a support member shouldn’t be an excuse for thinking, “they don’t need my help.” Or, thinking, “someone else can handle it.” The Lord has been so good to us. We need to look around at our surroundings, and say, “thank you Lord! I am still breathing. I am still able to get up. Let me make a difference today!”


Finally, our CMM family is gifted with so many talents. We have survivalists who are willing to share their knowledge by volunteering to give up their daily time to train CMM members on survival techniques. I know that this type of training in the private sector is very expensive. However, in this organization, we have people willing to GIVE the training FREE. Why anyone would even think not to accept that gift is above my grade level. It is very confusing to me. As a SUPPORTER of CMM, I am not eligible to participate in the training (according to the bylaws). However, any time someone asks me if I would like to attend something special, like an out of town meeting or event, I try to go. I enjoy getting to meet our CMM families as often as possible.


I pray that I may be able to be a supporter to CMM. I want to be an asset as a Support(er) Squad member.





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  1. That was beautifully said, Marsha! If I haven’t told you lately, you have a true gift for prayer. We do need to appreciate every single one of our Brothers and Sisters for who they are. Bless you.

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