Jedi Warriors?

I like to compare our training for CMM to the training of a  Jedi Warrior from the movie, Star Wars. We learn to fight yes, but we also learn other more enlightened things to make us better people. We have theological teachers who teach from the Bible. We learn to humble ourselves, to love one another and even when we fall short, we look to GOD, who never fails. The important thing about it is, being better people first will make us better Warriors in the end. The study of theology, philosophy and other forms of higher learning will help to perfect our fighting and effectiveness.

     We learn that surviving is a form of winning. If we can out live our opponent by having better survival skills, then we have won a battle without doing any violence or risking injury.

We learn to be politically active. Our political advisor, Cheramie Kay Bills keeps up with everything and everyone at the Capitol. When an important vote is coming up, when we need to call our representatives and what we need to say are passed down from the political team. Many times CMM has swayed votes back and forth the way the people of Mississippi need them to be. CMM is working very hard in trying to do everything to keep the laws and rules of Mississippi as they should be, close to the way they were when we grew up.

We don’t have mind tricks, but what we are armed with is the truth and knowledge about legislation that you just can’t get from watching the news. So keep on learning, and may the force be with you.

Lt. Matthew Griffin.                           CMM

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  1. Mathew this is one of the best explanations of what we do I’ve ever read. I think this should be added to our recruiting literature.

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