An effective tool to aid in dividing the truth from a lie

To someone concerned about practical wisdom, there are many lessons to be learned from the story of Eve and the serpent. You don’t have to believe the Bible is true to acknowledge the practical lessons in the story. You need only be objective in your judgement. And all people are capable of objectivity.

CMM Handbook

I believe, as members of the family, we need to read the handbook as often as possible. It was not written to sit on a shelf or be hidden in your phone somewhere. It needs to be taken out and read through, if not daily, at least weekly.

Knowledge will make us a better militia. Much like our daily devotionals and Bible reading, it will keep us in line with that for which we stand. If you have questions about procedures, dues or rank, it’s in the handbook. Reading the handbook charges my batteries.

It is amazing what twenty minutes of reading can do.

Article XIV Our Core Values and Article IV Purpose mean so much to me. There are few things in this world that can bring me back in line; but the Bible, our motto, Article XIV and Article IV do every time.

If you need to know it, you’ll find it in the handbook.

~2nd Lieutenant Matthew Lane Griffin Acting Commander of Calhoun County Company

Walking In The Woods

As I was walking through the woods over at Private Chester Russell’s place, I started thinking about pioneers and all they had to live through. I thought about what it was like for them crossing this country before there was anything. They came from the East Coast on their way west across what had to be worse than any of the woods we walk through today. We have it made in the shade. We have the ability to to take a break every once in awhile. We have provisions that are lighter, more portable, better tasting and last longer than anything the Pioneers ever had. Yet we still complain every time we get outside our comfort zone. It’s too heavy, it’s too far or it’s hot. It’s too bad really. If you think about it, you really get to see another perspective when you’re walking in the woods. I’ll be spending as much time as possible walking in the woods this summer.

~2nd Lieutenant Matthew Lane Griffin, Acting Commander of Calhoun County Company.

Trust Your Freedom, Not The Press

Our news has changed over the years. What we read has not only changed but where we read it has as well.
Older Americans will remember sitting down at the breakfast table with the morning paper. That is a thing of the past. Newspapers are going under in most markets across America. Television and the internet have taken over. So much has changed and many want to know why.
When asked about the news being different, most point to the agenda of one side or the other. Liberals blame conservatives and vise versa.
“People want unbiased news and can’t seem to get it.” said Jessica Wettig, a former Journalism student who chose not to pursue a career in the field. She went on to say, “It’s common knowledge that certain news sources are more liberal or conservative and people don’t trust them.”
Kylie Price, a former University Journalism instructor, thinks all news is biased and always has been. She said,”I think people gravitate toward the voice that validates theirs.” That could be a huge reason readers and viewers trust the media they encounter. Trust seems to be a large problem with our news these days. Why is trust given so easily? Kevin Hunsperger, WSIL NEWS 3 in Southern Illinois, imparted this on the subject,”I think part of it is the fact that anyone can become a “journalist” It’s not unlike people who offer legal, medical and educational advice on social media and the internet without having the background or training to do so.” Every blogger, vlogger and internet star can say something one day and it be almost set in stone the next. Even when some of it is comedic in nature, some will take it as gospel. Hunsperger believes another problem is there’s no sourcing or fact checking a lot of the time. He thinks alternative sources are fine, but wonders if they truly vet who they’re interviewing. How would we know the information they are providing in the article or video is accurate? We really can’t. Anyone can write a blog or post a YouTube video. Which media is the best or worst? Price said,”I wouldn’t say internet news has become more biased than print or broadcasting, for I think all media outlets can be biased.”
It all boils down to what you like. Today’s people like it all. Conservatives tend to not trust any of it and liberals seem to believe everything. Some have said a little personal fact checking could fix both sides.
The fight for ratings or sales in the information business has been going on since early on in America. With Muckrakers (defined by Wikipedia as those who investigates and exposes issues of corruption) getting great readerships in the early days, the competition began to build among local markets. Leading to the Yellow Journalism (a pejorative reference to journalism that features scandal-mongering, sensationalism, jingoism or other unethical or unprofessional practices by news media organizations or individual journalists- Wikipedia) starting soon after. American readers in search of information as well as entertainment fanned the flames of the war between the newspapers in New York. The war for sales, ratings and popularity has been going on since way back when. Politicians have been using the press and media to sway voters from day one. But not until President Ronald Reagan(R California) did it explode into the circus it is today. The movie star brought political sensationalism to the American television news. Jimmy Carter(D Georgia) never had a chance. The world was hooked on the TV waiting for more news about the presidential race. Carter had many fine qualities that would has swayed thousands of voters if they had looked his records up. They were blindly following the media of the day. The ability to do research and make an informed decision is one of the reasons we have the election system we have. The founding fathers studied multiple governments and read many historical documents before deciding on our election process. Our individual thoughts, ideas and choices are what make us a free country. Trusting media outlets and not excercizing our GOD given decision making skills has put us in a terrible spot.

2nd Lt. Matthew Griffin, CMM

The Stages of a Major Disaster

Being prepared for disasters, major and minor, is something we all should pay attention to. Just in this past year we have seen graphic examples of the disruption weather can cause, both with tornados and hurricanes. Most people have some emergency equipment, if only candles and a generator for power outages, but these are strictly short term aids. Let